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Design is an intentional process. In business design is used as a tool to visually convey everything from a company’s core principles to the sale of the week. But no matter how we look at it, design is first a thought driven process that results in the planned creation of visuals that convey a specified message. I’m experienced in designing for web and print, in creating high-end graphics that speak to my clients and their target audience(s).

My design services include logo design, promotional materials, packaging and product design, business cards, stationery, flyers, copywriting, infographics, banners, illustrations and storyboarding for animation.

Corporate Image and Brand Consulting

Businesses, like people, come in all shapes and forms, with all sorts of ideas and perspectives about themselves and the world. Every business wants to sell or trade some sort of product or service, and when they do, they want dress up their offering to suit their customer’s needs.

For a company to be successful, just like any salesman, it has to be confident and purposeful, and to get to that point we have to stop and think exactly what makes the company unique, whom it is and what it wants to say. That’s where corporate image and branding services come in.

So before jumping to sell our products or services, we first explore the core elements that make the business what it is. We explore who are the people that compose the business and what their feelings are about its future; what each person wants to achieve, how, and why. We explore the company’s target audience, listen to their needs, our own and how each transaction benefits both sides. Doing this helps us to understand where we fit in and how we can increase and improve our customers’ interaction with us. And then, we move on to design.

Corporate Image and Branding services include planning clear, focussed company vision and goals, internal and external research, marketing and strategic analysis, consultation and integration with other services such as design, website and social media.

Web Development

Your website is your home online. Once upon a time, your website was a simple directory of information about your company that people could access from their computer. Today, a website is so much more. In fact, for many companies, their website is their business. It’s a place where your customers read about your company, it’s a place where you tell your customers what’s new, it’s a place where your customers tell you what’s new. It’s a place where your customers try your products, use your products and buy your products. It’s a place where your customers come to find you and where you can find your customers.

Website services include design and copywriting, strategy and consultation, setup and integration with other services such as CMS, Social Media, Hosting and Domain Management.


If you look under the hood of your website, you’ll find a collection of files. Those files are stored somewhere online. A hosting service provides you with that somewhere to store your files. Then, when your customers come calling, your hosting service let’s them see your website.

Hosting services include website hosting, file hosting for digital delivery services, cloud hosting, load optimization for high speed website page load times.

CMS (Content Management)

CMS: There are two main types of websites: Hand Coded websites and CMS managed websites. What I offer is a CMS or Content Management Systems, you get a special area of the website where you go to make changes. From here, you can do anything from big changes like functionality and layout, to the little changes like adding or editing your text and links. The best part of a CMS is that every aspect of your website is kept separate, meaning if you want to change only a small section on a page, you can do so without the risk that you might accidentally change another part of that page. In short, if you want a highly functional, highly organized, easy to manage website, a CMS is the way to go.

CMS services include the robust and renown WordPress CMS. This way you can take comfort in knowing not only that you have the freedom to take your website to any hosting company, at any time, but also that your website and its CMS will receive constant updating, improvement and support from a network of tens of thousands of programmers all over the world

Domain Registration and Management

There are three key pieces that form every website: the website files, the place the files are stored (hosting) and the domain name. The way it works is sort of like a modern phone call. When most of us make phone calls we use our contacts. We find the name of the friend or family member in the address book and press call. Surprisingly, most of us cannot remember the phone numbers of the people we call most frequenly. So when we make a phone call, we can break it down into three parts: The name in our contacts, the phone number that name is associated with and the phone and person answering on the other end.

A domain name functions the same way. Instead of remembering a complicated string of numbers, we use words like or or When we type in these domain names, another computer looks up the string of numbers called an IP address and directs our web browser to the web host associated with that IP address, where just like an automated telephone service, that web host answers with the message (or website) that we programmed it with.

Domain services include registration, domain forwarding management and configuration.

Social Media

We grew up in a world of outbound media – of fliers, billboards and television commercials; but in our new “social” internet-based world, we find ourselves revisiting marketing as it was before the days of mass media. Social media is about “inbound marketing”, it’s about your interaction with your customers. We use social media platforms like youtube, facebook, twitter, google+, etc. as virtual soap-boxes, around which your customers gather to hear what you have to say, and share their experiences with one another.

Social media services include design and layout, website integration, campaign structuring and consulting for all social media platforms.


Websites are living, breathing creatures. We create them, we dress them up, teach them tricks, feed them information, and send them out to interact with the world. For many of us, social media aside, our website represents our company – it’s like our head office, or storefront. Therefore, like almost anything else, our website must be cared for and maintained.

Maintenance services include updates and redesigns, temporary promotional theming, technical support and integration with other services such as hosting and domain management.

Email, Collaboration and Virtual Office

Writing email and writing documents is something that we all do. We do this from our desktop, laptop, smartphones and even web browsers. Many hosting companies offer free email when we set up our websites, but not all services are created equally. Knowing which service works the best for you can have a dramatic impact on your ability to communicate with your customers and work productively.

Email and Collaboration services include Google hosted business email using your website’s domain name, email migration, mobile support, cloud based document sharing and file synchronization across multiple computers and mobile devices.

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