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Designing a Viral Launch Page

I’ve done a fair bit of design in my career. I’ve worked with startups, for startups and even launched my own startups. In my experience, one of the most nerve racking parts of online casino in canada launching a startup is triggering that viral response. The formula for a “viral” response to your product or service sits somewhere around 4 parts connectors (people or channels that get the word out), two parts luck and one part design.

Now, don’t get me wrong, design is critical. But design is more than a pretty picture. Design is (supposed to be) intentional. Good design is about clarity of mind, and focus. Your potential user/customer needs to look at you startup, your product, your service and before they read their first word, know who you are, what your offering and why its worthwhile for them.

With your startup ready to go, your message clear — both visually and literally, you then spread the word through your connectors. And then, if  everyone’s in the right place at the right time, a chain reaction is triggered and your startup becomes a hit.

Here’s a link to an article in Smashing Magazine. It’s chock full of tips and success stories from some of the trendiest startups.

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Inbound Marketing Rising

Spamming is getting old. The feedback loop is taking hold. We’ve watched for decades as companies have sold an idealized world to their customers. But the fantasy is over. Today, the fantasy is the reality. As consumers, we actively participate in the visions created by advertisers. We use and and then respond to the product creators. We tell each other what we think. If a product offers a certain lifestyle that we associate with, we let people know. This new world revolves around “inbound marketing”. It’s one of the greatest revolutions of the modern world, did you notice?

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